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U.S. Trademarks for Canadians

Securing a U.S. trademark is essential for Canadian businesses aiming to expand or protect their presence in the American market. Our firm specializes in simplifying this cross-border process, offering tailored guidance to navigate the complexities of U.S. trademark law. We ensure your brand gains the protection it deserves, with clear, step-by-step assistance, making the journey straightforward and effective. Trust us to bridge the gap between Canadian innovation and U.S. market recognition, safeguarding your trademark rights in both countries.

Five Important Things For Canadians to Know About U.S. Trademarks

1.  Your Canadian trademark registration does not protect you in the U.S.
2.  Canadian and U.S. law and registration procedures are roughly the same.
3.  A Canadian cannot file directly for a trademark in the U.S. You must use a U.S. Attorney or an authorized Canadian trademark agent.
4. You can obtain a U.S. trademark based on your Canadian registration.
5.  If you apply for a U.S. trademark within six months of your Canadian application, your U.S. trademark will be predated.

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