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Coordinating your Canadian and U.S. Trademarks

Canadian and U.S. trademark law is complicated enough, and understanding and using the intricacies to our clients' best advantage is our specialty.  We have over 40 years combined experience, and have filed hundreds of U.S. applications for our Canadian clients.
We can offer you expertise, the opportunity to work through one Canadian firm, and the convenience of paying in Canadian dollars.

Five Important Things For Canadians to Know About U.S. Trademarks

1.  Your Canadian trademark registration does not protect you in the U.S.
2.  Canadian and U.S. law and registration procedures are roughly the same.
3.  A Canadian cannot file directly for a trademark in the U.S. You must use a U.S. Attorney or an authorized Canadian trademark agent.
4. You can obtain a U.S. trademark based on your Canadian registration.
5.  If you apply for a U.S. trademark within six months of your Canadian application, your U.S. trademark will be predated.

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