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Over the past 20 years, we have registered several thousand trademarks.  What we are most satisfied about is having built up relationships with our clients.  We get to know the people and the business over the years.  And it's good to know we've been able to help.

Overview of Registration Process

The normal trademark registration process takes about 36 months. You can still use your trademark before registration, and in fact it’s usually to your benefit to. The normal trademark registration stages are:

  • Stage 1: Awaiting First Response From CIPO – After CIPO receives your application, it currently takes  about 30 months before you hear back from them. 

  • Stage 2: Examiner’s Report – If there are objections they can take six to twelve months to resolve.

  • Stage 3: Publication and Opposition – Your mark is then published in the weekly Trademark Journal.  The public then has 2 months to object.  If there is an Objection, it can take years to resolve. 

  • Stage 4: Registration – If there are no objections, CIPO will then register your trademark.  By this time, if all goes well, it's about three to four years after you've applied.

Steps to Your Trademark

Contact Us

Contact us with your trademark requirements or questions.       We'll get with a free prescreen and price quote.

Search & Opinion

Comprehensive search of trademarks database, and opinion as to registrability.

Prepare Application

Preparation of Draft Application and forwarding for approval.

Filing Application

Filiing application with CIPO, paying application charge, and receiving acknowledgement.

A Response from CIPO normally takes 24-36 months.

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